We would like to acknowledge with gratitude the support given to the conference by the following: Sponsors/partners:

Istanbul Technical University

Istanbul Technical University which is one of Turkey’s premiere academic institutions since 1773. The university was founded as the Mühendishane-i Bahr-i Hümayun (Royal Maritime Engineering School).

Turkish Shipbuilders' Association

Turkish Shipbuilders' Association has been established by shipyard owners in 1971 to find solutions about common problems of shipyards through relevant authority and informing public. Representing the Turkish Shipbuilding Industry Sector in national and international areas are the mission of this association.

Turkish Llyod

Türk Loydu was first founded in 1962 and became a nonprofit organization in 1966. The primary Turkish prefered classification and certification organization that powered by it's own generated knowledge and rules as well as expertise.

RMK Marine

The shipyard was founded in Haliç, Istanbul to construct boats in steel, aluminum, and composite. Moved to its current location in Tuzla. Acquired by Turkey’s largest conglomerate Koç Holding Started developing its technical capabilities by keeping abreast of technological advances.