Türkiye Offshore Energy Conference 19-21 June 2013

Offshore energy conference is focused on the development of the collaboration between research institutes and Turkish Industry for offshore energy resources of Türkiye, namely oil, natural gas, offshore wind power, wave power and current power. The conference opens possibilities for spectrum of possible topics of collaboration to meet the demands of country's energy sector.

Türkiye's economy has a lot going for it, but energy self-sufficiency is not one of them. Türkiye depends heavily on imports to meet its domestic energy needs. Over 66% of its natural gas and roughly 90% of its oil come from abroad. This is an important structural vulnerability. Energy imports have played a decisive role close to 50% in the country's trade deficits.

The way we power and fuel our economies is a critical and immediate challenge that faces the world today. The scale of the challenge requires an unprecedented response. Driven by worldwide population increases and rising standards of living, global energy demand is projected to grow dramatically in the coming decades. Achieving energy security and sustainability in an enviromentally responsible manner requires the development of cost-effective energy sources.

Realizing the full business potential of offshore energy sector will require advances in the underlying technologies as well as adaptations in the existing energy infrastructure.

The working language of the conference is Turkish and English that will be used for all printed materials. Presentations and discussions will be held in Turkish and English. The scientific papers will be submitted in English. Scientific contributions must be presented either as oral presentation or as poster presentation in English. Industry presentations and panels will be held in both Turkish and English.