Workshop on Energy Security and Hurricane Disaster Resilience for Florida's Power System
For questions please contact: Bahri Uzunoglu, Kyle Gallivan
Event Information
When 1st workshop: 21-22 January 2020
2nd workshop: COVID-19. To be announced.
Where1st workshop location: 2000 Levy Ave, Tallahassee, FL 32310, USA,
2nd workshop location: COVID-19. To be announced

Hurricane Michael in Tallahassee Vicinity

The workshop will develop scenarios to investigate the use of and demonstrate the effectiveness of renewable distributed energy generation, control and energy storage technologies in providing the energy needs of critical disaster resilience facilities located in areas of critical state concern during a natural disaster or declared state of emergency. The workshop will exploit the complementary experience in education and research of Uppsala University and Florida State University to increase the existing collaboration on power systems, governance and renewables to enhance the energy security and hurricane disaster resilience of the Florida power system.

We will assess the benefits of distributed energy generation and energy storage technologies throughout the state to improve the security of the state’s energy resources and enhance preparedness and resilience for a natural disaster or declared state of emergency. Florida has a dynamic economy with good resources for solar, offshore wind and marine current energy. Florida legislators and utilities have begun to work on an energy security and disaster resilience program. The bill and investments call for the establishment of a pilot program for the use of renewable-plus-storage-smart grid systems in preventing energy supply and delivery problems caused by natural disasters and other emergencies. This could lead to solar, wind and marine energy conversion providing emergency power during natural disasters and helping to restore power in their aftermath. The workshop aims to gain important insights to address the hurricane challenge by employing additional renewables and enhanced scenario-based distribution management systems. This will be complemented by collaboration to further research funding and development.